As owners continue in their attempt to lower operational costs and maintain profitability , the trend to hand over the crewing and operating management is on the rise. But in the current economic climate, only the best ship managers will flourish. This is why Nautic South Africa’s success story is continuing to thrive. What sets NSA apart is the company’s ability to create custom commercial ship management programs for customers. This allows us to be the “right fit” for virtually any vessel fleet or company while providing maximum benefits to all involved parties.

NSA has developed longstanding working relationships with vendors, suppliers and major local domestic labour organizations, allowing us to provide professional management services with an emphasis on safety, vessel availability and cost. The company is also involved in the design and construction tailored vessels solutions, ranging from 8m to 80m.

Together with its joint venture shareholders and parent brands of Nautic Africa and Paramount Naval Systems , NSA is part of a combined workforce of exceptional people, with access to worldwide best practice knowhow, experienced resources and constantly growing capabilities.

“The key to providing a world-class service is to go above &  beyond the call of duty to  exceed all  expectations.”  — NSA CEO


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